Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Thursday, December 9, 2010

our new adventures

we've had our bumps & bruises along the way but ryker is almost 2 soon. my little boy isnt so little anymore! its so crazy to me how fast he has really grown up. he isnt a baby in more he's a soon to be toddler. bryce had been gone alot with work & its really getting to all of us cuz we dont get to see him much only on weekend. really hoping another good job comes along that'll keep him closer to home. he doesnt know what he's missing when he's gone. he sure gets surprised when ryker talks anymore because he learns new words every day. but ryker sure loves his dad. he sure loves watching movies & having me read books to him all the time. he is learning all the sounds all the animals make. he is doing really well at saying what the animals are. i cant wait for my little guy to have his 2nd birthday! i'll probably cry but it will be so worth it to see him dig into his cake. ryker sure loved helping put up the tree & decorating it this year. i cant wait to see what he'll do with his presents from everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

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